VWR®, Homogenisers

VWR®, Homogenisers


These compact homogenisers are suitable for all standard dispersing tasks and intensive mixing. The units are robust, and their stability prevents pulsation oscillations and vibrations, it is also simple and safe to change aggregates for different tasks.

  • Easy operation with an on-off switch and speed control
  • Intelligent variable speed control for long equipment life
  • Low noise level
  • Height adjustable stand (available as an option)
  • Switch aggregate easily
  • Models M, L and XL give speed stability even with changes in viscosity
  • XL model provides protection against overheating, overload and blocking

This handheld S homogeniser is ergonomic, lightweight and ideal for rapid turnaround of smaller sample volumes, from 0,1 to 300 ml.

The M homogeniser has sleek, sound insulated casing, concealing enough power to handle variety of applications safely and quickly from preparing samples to testing product formulas and recipes, for sample volumes 0,1 to 5000 ml.

The L homogeniser features high drive power and a sleek design, its large reserve capacity means it can be used for preparing samples with large volumes as easily as samples with small volumes. It is ideal for sample volumes from 100 to 10000 ml.

The XL homogeniser is the most powerful drive unit, with continuous speed control and high tip speeds it offers a solution for a wide range of mixing applications, ideal for sample volumes from 2000 to 20000 ml.

Applications include grinding animal and human tissue samples in a variety of fluids and volumes, sample preparation for the extraction and dissolution of organic materials, sample preparation for medical diagnostic procedures as well as DNA analysis, extractions of systems/substances from vegetable-derived samples, disruption of animal and human cells and deagglomeration of united cell structures.

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