Microgen D-125 EcoPro

Microgen D-125 EcoPro


D-125 Eco Pro is a synergistic blend of 5th generation QAC (Quaternary ammonium compound) & PHMB (Polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride). When used as directed, D-125 EcoPro will deliver effective biocidal action against bacteria, fungi and viruses on hard surfaces. It delivers superior cleaning performance and free rinsing characteristics on a wide variety of hard non-porous surfaces. It is used for surface and environment, where removal of soil and control of microorganisms is important while preventing the transmission of diseases. It has broad-spectrum activity on multiple surfaces in non-ideal conditions. It adepts disinfection for hospitals, food handling units, manufacturing units and meets the criteria of an ideal antimicrobial agent on hard, non-porous surfaces & environment.

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