GAPDH Antibody (0411): sc-47724

GAPDH Antibody (0411): sc-47724

  • GAPDH Antibody (0411) is a mouse monoclonal IgG1 κ GAPDH antibody, cited in 2,993 publications, provided at 200 µg/ml
  • raised against recombinant GAPDH of human origin
  • GAPDH Antibody (0411) is recommended for detection of GAPDH of human origin by WB, IP, IF and IHC(P); not recommended for detection of GAPDH of mouse or rat origin
  • Anti-GAPDH Antibody (0411) is available conjugated to agarose for IP; HRP for WB, IHC(P) and ELISA; and to either phycoerythrin or FITC for IF, IHC(P) and FCM
  • also available conjugated to Alexa Fluor® 488Alexa Fluor® 546Alexa Fluor® 594 or Alexa Fluor® 647 for WB (RGB), IF, IHC(P) and FCM, and for use with RGB fluorescent imaging systems, such as iBright™ FL1000, FluorChem™, Typhoon, Azure and other comparable systems
  • also available conjugated to Alexa Fluor® 680 or Alexa Fluor® 790 for WB (NIR), IF and FCM; for use with Near-Infrared (NIR) detection systems, such as LI-COR®Odyssey®, iBright™ FL1000, FluorChem™, Typhoon, Azure and other comparable systems
  • Contact our Technical Service Department (or your local Distributor) for more information on how to receive a FREE 10 µg sample of GAPDH (0411): sc-47724.
  • m-IgG Fc BP-HRPm-IgG1 BP-HRP and m-IgGκ BP-HRP are the preferred secondary detection reagents for GAPDH Antibody (0411) for WB and IHC(P) applications. These reagents are now offered in bundles with GAPDH Antibody (0411) 
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