About Us
About Us

HNHP Biotech India Pvt. Ltd is committed to making a difference in India. We provide tailored intelligent healthcare solutions based on the latest professional insights, and on decades of experience in India. Every year, we supply high volumes of healthcare products via pharmaceutical supply programmes across the continent.

HNHP Biotech India Pvt. Ltd is a leading supplier of pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, hospital equipment and medical kits for the benefit of the Indian population. Our aim is to strengthen healthcare in India through engagement, cooperation and intelligent solutions in close partnership with local stakeholders. We are proud to be a trusted partner to those driving India forward.

Our business approach is based on understanding the environment in which our products are intended to be used. We specialise in adjusting our services to specific local requirements and customer challenges to ensure that our solutions make a sustainable impact. At the same time, we vouch for quality, affordability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

HNHP Biotech India Pvt. Ltd has joined forces with the strongest and most progressive companies in the pharmaceutical, retail, automotive and equipment-distribution industries in India. This makes us stronger and better equipped to continue to support our customers with sustainable solutions for many years ahead.

Our Mission

To uphold our social responsibilities of delivering highest standard healthcare services to all segments of society without compromising on our core values of integrity, good ethics and commitment.

Our Vision

The HNHP Biotech India Pvt. Ltd contributes to progress in India by strengthening tomorrow’s healthcare with intelligent solutions and trustful partnerships.

Our Quality

We at HNHP Biotech India Pvt. Ltd, commit ourselves to the continual improvement of Quality of our products, processes and systems in order to meet the enhanced and changing needs of customers.

Our Values

At HNHP Biotech India Pvt. Ltd our values are the foundations on which we are built. They guide the way we conduct business. We offer high quality products that exceed our customer expectations.

Trusted partner

We build relations that enable us to deliver long-lasting solutions for the benefit of our customers.We are proud to be trusted by the people driving India forward. We care about the big picture.

Quality in Every Aspect

We deliver quality in every aspect in our interaction with partners and customers. We pay meticulous attention to the full experience of collaborating with us. We work with an eye

Intelligent Solutions

It takes experience to supply quality products at the right price at the right time at the right place. We strive to constantly develop intelligent solutions in all aspects of our services. We think ahead..